Thursday, December 17, 2009


Welcome to Kurera Fund's blog. We are back in Kigali and hard at work setting up the fund for the upcoming school year beginning in January. This year we are focusing on the refugee camp located in the Western province called Kiziba camp. More on that in another post.

We have been holding meetings in our office, and by office we mean coffee shops around the city, to arrange our scholarship distribution for the upcoming year. We are hoping to get ourselves in to an office by next term!

As for now, the hoop jumping begins! Registering with the NGO office in Kigali, getting Memorandums of Understanding from the Governor and Minister of Education, writing our action plan, and writing a detailed finance report are all ahead of us before we get to the fun stuff and see the girls again!

Thanks for your support. More interesting blogs to come!

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